The Worst eSports Logos Ever

The Worst eSports Logos Ever
  • Matt Hempstead

When designing a team, first step team-name, second step logo. It’s what your team will be known for, it’s what you’ll where on your jersey…. Which makes it that much more shocking that some eSports logos are so bad…

Goon Squad:

Goon Squad is a disbanded Heroes of the Storm team out of Canada. Whether they disbanded because they didn’t want to be associated with the logo is unknown… It looks like an old clipart monkey out of Microsoft Word 2000 with a couple of hot dogs thrown in just for kicks.



Alternate Name: ClipArt Monkeys


A newer LoL team out of Taiwan, Fireball has taken a unique approach to their team’s representative image. An overweight, stubby-armed, gold-dog chain-wearing dude with spiky orange hair that has then been lit on fire. Get rid of the guy and the logo would probably be more spot-on.


Alternate Name: The Tiny, Torching, Tubby Trumps

JingDong Gaming

JingDong is a big e-commerce company out of Beijing and based on their logo, I would rather not do business with them. It appears to be some sort of rat in devil form with a devil’s tail as a goatee. It’s as if Doctor Frankenstein got bored in hell.


Alternate Name: Snaggletooth Rat-Devils

Cognitive Gaming:

Here’s a sign of some ingenious creativity.

“The team is called Cognitive Gaming. Lets make the logo a cog.”


Alternate Name: System Preferences

BBQ Olivers-LCK League of Legends Team

Here’s the story. The team is sponsored by a restaurant chain called “BBQ Chicken”. But rather than being named ‘the BBQ Chickens’, the company named them the Olivers. Why? Because they’re the first amongst other chicken restaurants to use 100% extra virgin olive oil to make their dishes.

Thus the logo is a seemingly angry chicken donning a helmet…


Alternate Name: Oily Chickens