Twitter Exposes Depressing Venue Of Halo World Championships

Twitter Exposes Depressing Venue Of Halo World Championships
  • Matt Hempstead

ESports has seen some massive live events over the past years. Selling out arenas like Madison Square Garden in New York and the Air Canada Centre in Toronto. For the 2017 Halo World Championships, the venue and the audience was lackluster to say the least. The eventual champions, OpTic Gaming, were largely overcast by the state of the event. Several participants took to twitter to bash ESL for their shoddy preparation of the tournament.

OpTic’s owner Hector Rodriguez was in shock upon his arrival to the event and it was backed up by Frank’s tweet. The bleachers and the deflated balloons definitely don’t do ESL justice as the event was held at the ESL America Campus in California. To be fair, these photos are of the overflow tent away from the main stage at an off-time of the event.

The pictures of the main stage during standard viewing times are better, but still put the state of Halo into perspective.

On top of that, pro player and popular streamer “Ninja” voiced his displeasure about how the players were taken care of.

When compared to the grand finals of League of Legends and Dota2, or large CS:GO majors, Halo stands out like a sore thumb. Former LoL player and analyst Marcel Feldkamp made the jaw-dropping comparison.

From sold out arenas to a small complex with eight balloons out front… A final comparison between the 2016 Halo World Championships and this year’s puts it all into perspective.

In Greenskull’s defense, some of the pictures are misleading and overblown, but one thing that can’t be argued is that this tournament definitely took a step back from the previous year. For an event with a one million dollar prize pool you would expect things to look less like a child’s birthday party.