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1/2 PPR Mock Draft + UDK Release! – The Fantasy Footballers

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Another fresh episode from the #1 Fantasy Football podcast
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1/2 PPR Mock Draft + UDK Release! – Ep. #553

Fantasy Football Podcast for May 31st 2018. On today’s show, Andy, Mike, and Jason do a Half PPR Mock Draft against each other! Follow along and hear the thoughts and strategy for each pick. We’re super amped as it’s the day before our Ultimate Draft Kit releases! We also discuss any potential fantasy football implications from Brandon Marshall signing with the Seahawks. Prep your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams for 2018 with the #1 fantasy football podcast.

Full Mock Draft Results

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  • 05:15- Quick Question: What are the fantasy implications of Brandon Marshall signing with the Seahawks?
  • 11:20- Review-a-Saurus Rex
  • 12:45- Half PPR Mock Draft

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