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Fantasy Football Rebound Candidates! 5 Players We Loved-Then-Hated in ‘16

  • David Gonos

Fantasy Football Rebound Candidates Seth-Wenig

People love them some sleepers! These players come out of nowhere to shine and make the owners that drafted them look like geniuses.

People hate busts. These players were drafted with high expectations (and high picks), only to disappoint greatly, making the owners that drafted them look like great, big doofuses.

What about bounce-back guys? What about Fantasy Football rebound candidates? Guys that are reluctantly drafted, despite the bad taste left in everyone’s mouth last season, only to redeem themselves with great seasons once again! They don’t do much for views of Fantasy owners because if they do well, they were supposed to be that good, and if they do bad, then you’re a dummy for not learning your lesson.

But by drafting some of these Fantasy Football rebound candidates in 2017, you’re giving yourself a chance at someone that has proven to be successful in the NFL before (unlike most sleepers), and you’ll get them much cheaper than this year’s bust candidates.

5 Fantasy Football Rebound Candidates Ready To Bounce Back In 2017

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Photo Credit: AP Photo/Seth Wenig

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