26 Great Trump Fantasy Team Names For Lovers & Haters

  • David Gonos


It’s quite possible that the current American President in office is the most polarizing president in the past century – and possibly forever. Our Donald Trump Fantasy Football team names are meant to inspire everyone in a bipartisan way! (OK, well, they’re very partisan, but we listed them in separate areas as not to offend anyone.

Whether you are a Trump lover or a Trump hater, you have to admit that he’s a great theme for your Fantasy Football team name!

Sure, you could go “old school” and name your team something like Antoniobama Brown or Barack the Casbah, but that’s so 2016.

26 Great Trump Fantasy Team Names For Lovers & Haters

We did our best to find some Fantasy Football team names for everyone!

Photo Credit: Alex Wong, Getty Images

David Gonos

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