5 Compelling Stats On Running Backs To Alter Your Rankings

  • David Gonos

5 Compelling Stats on Running Backs To Alter Your Rankings Melvin Gordon-Jamie-Squire

Who doesn’t love advanced statistics? Especially if they are advanced statistics for running backs – the most important position in Fantasy Football!?!

These stats are great to use while preparing for your 2017 Fantasy Football drafts, and now is the time to start taking deeper looks into them.

One of my favorite free Fantasy Football draft tools I like to use every season, especially in the offseason, is SportingCharts.com stats pages. They have great stat breakdowns for each position, but we’re using it specifically for quarterbacks, running backs and wide receivers.

Last week, I discussed a handful of stats that will help you change your opinions – or possibly fortify your opinions – of some Fantasy Football wide receivers for the upcoming 2017 NFL season.

5 Stats To Change Your Fantasy Running Backs Rankings

These stats should be taken into account as you begin your offseason Fantasy Football research.

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