5 Do’s & Don’ts For Drafting In Your Home Fantasy League – Fantasy Book Excerpt

  • David Gonos


The following is an excerpt from the Fantasy Football book, “Benny Ricciardi’s Definitive Guide To Fantasy Football,” which happens to be the sister-book to “Benny Ricciardi’s Definitive Guide To Fantasy Baseball.”

Daily Fantasy Football writer Benny Ricciardi gathered over a dozen other Fantasy Football experts to contribute to a great Fantasy Football book.

You can buy the book here – in e-book and paperback versions — and I recommend you try it out and let us know what you think. This group is awesome – easily overcoming the fact that I’m in it, bringing down the average awesomeness! Look at some of the writers in this book, as well as their topics:

This isn’t your normal Fantasy Football book, with just advice on who to draft this season. This book will help you year after year, season after season, helping you figure out who to draft and why for years to come!

For my chapter, I took on the challenge of sharing tips on Do’s and Don’ts for drafting in your home Fantasy Football league. I shared three of the tips on my own site, and below are five other tips.

5 of the “21 Do’s & Don’ts For Drafting In Your Home Fantasy League” – Fantasy Football Book Excerpt

This will help you understand the things you should do to help you win your Home Fantasy League, as well as help you understand what things you shouldn’t do!

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