5 Overvalued Fantasy Players (Top 50!) In Early Football Drafts

  • David Gonos


We’re about 10 weeks away from the start of the NFL season, but let’s be real – we’re already deep into our Fantasy Football research! While learning about sleepers and breakouts is fun, and predicting which rookies are going to be great, knowing about who the overvalued Fantasy players are in current Average Draft Position could be the most important thing you’ll ever do … Honest!

Maybe that’s a bit too much.

But still, by seeing which overvalued Fantasy players are being picked too early at this point of the season, you can work their bust-ability in your favor. You’ll be able to either avoid them for a few weeks if they remain at that same ADP spot, or you can watch their ADP drop – and pick them later when they aren’t potential busts!

5 Overvalued Fantasy Players During 2017 Summer

We’re not saying the following players are all going to be Fantasy Football busts in 2017, but we are saying the reward you get from them might not be worth the risk associated with taking them at those spots. ADP is taken from FantasyFootballCalculator.com.

Photo Credit: Ben Margot, AP Images

David Gonos

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