6 Different Fantasy Football Lineups For First 3 Rounds of 2017 Drafts

  • David Gonos


Part of the problem with planning your Fantasy Football draft is not knowing what to expect after you make certain picks. Like, if you pick a running back in Round 1, should you go RB in Round 2, understanding what type of wide receiver you’ll get in Round 3? Or will your team look much better if you go WR/WR with your first two picks, settling for a third-round running back?

We took some of the guess work out of it, by showing you what Fantasy Football lineups might look like depending on which route you go with in each round.

We’re going to automatically assume you are not going to draft tight end Rob Gronkowski or a quarterback in your first three rounds. Yes, you can draft Gronk or a quarterback, but that skews the number of different possible lineups below, and we’re just trying to show you how the RB/WR combinations might work.

6 Different Fantasy Football Lineups For First 3 Rounds of 2017 Drafts

When we refer to Average Draft Positions, we’re using ADP for 12-team, non-PPR Fantasy Football leagues from FantasyFootballCalculator.com. Also, the assumption is you’re drafting near the middle of each round, with a fifth, sixth, seventh or eighth pick in each round.

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