6 Musts Before Fantasy Baseball Draft Day

  • David Gonos


Your Fantasy Baseball draft is approaching closer and closer, and you’ve done all the work on your cheat sheets and figured out your draft strategy. What else can you do? … Seriously, WHAT ELSE CAN YOU DO!?!?!

Relax! I’m going to tell you.

We picked out seven things you must do before your Fantasy Baseball Draft Day arrives. Some are free and some cost a little money, but all are freaking awesome!

6 Musts Before Fantasy Baseball Draft Day

Take care of what you can before — and after — your Fantasy Baseball Draft Day.

1. Do Free Mock Drafts To Prepare

What do you do before you run a marathon? You train by running. What do you do before you enter a competitive eating contest? You train by eating. What do you do before a Fantasy draft!?! You train by Fantasy drafting!


The Draft Wizard has been voted the best draft tool ever, and not since Fantasy magazines came out with cheat sheets 30 years ago has there been a more helpful Fantasy tool.

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