7 Fantasy Football Draft Tools To Help You Go From Chump to Champ

Are you afraid to look for Fantasy Football draft tools to help you build a championship squad? Let me put your worries at ease.

Bill Walsh, one of the all-time greats when it came to the NFL Draft, needed help.

The President of the United States needs a cabinet of experts to help him make final decisions.

Even Emeril Lagasse needs a sous chef to help prepare an amazing meal for the customers in his diner or wings place or wherever he cooked.

The point is – don’t be ashamed that you might need some help in building a dominant Fantasy Football team. If you have all the time in the world to research stats and do strategy work, then you don’t need this article. But for those of us that work 40-plus hours a week, with a family at home, and a refrigerator full of beer (they’re not going to drink themselves!), then this article is for you.

7 Fantasy Football Draft Tools to Use in 2015

It’s tough to keep up with everything, and these seven Fantasy Football draft tools will help you stay ahead of the game. I wrote an article earlier this summer that listed the Top 33 Free Fantasy Football Draft Tools, but these seven are by far my favorite.

1. Draft Wizard’s Draft Assistant

This is actually a suite of Fantasy draft tools, including a mock draft simulator, an auction value calculator, a cheat sheet creator and more. But the Draft Assistant, specifically, is the greatest Fantasy draft tool in the history of Fantasy Football. If you think I’m overselling it – you haven’t used it yet.

This Draft Assistant synchs up with your league online and it moves along with your ESPN, CBS and Yahoo drafts, showing you who the experts would choose if they were in your shoes. (The experts are writers from dozens of Fantasy sites, including RotoExperts, CBS, ESPN, and others.) It also has a “Pick Predictor” that shows you the odds of a player you’re targeting being available in the NEXT round if you choose not to take him here. Just. Awesome.

2. FantasyFootballCalculator.com’s Average Draft Position Rankings

This is a great way to see where most people are drafting players in leagues similar to yours in size and scoring system. You can also type in your email and have them send you ADP updates to show which players are rising or falling the most. I also love the visual that shows how much a player’s ADP has climbed or fallen in one month.

3. FootballGuys.com’s Rate My Team Tool

After you’ve drafted your team, run your roster through this tool and they’ll work up some analysis for you. They’ll assess your roster based on their rankings, of course, but they’ll point out where they think you have strengths and weaknesses, so you know what to look for as the season begins. I input my FLEX Standard team that I drafted this past Saturday in Washington, D.C., and here’s some of the analysis they gave me:

"RB Summary: Nice work here. We like both your starting running backs, as our projections indicate that they give you a combined 3.8 point-per-game advantage over an average opponent in this league. Our projections have Marshawn Lynch ranked at #4 and Matt Forte ranked eighth. Your bench also looks good. We love Carlos Hyde as a third running back; he's a likely flex starter. We also see Charles Sims as an above average RB4. We don't particularly like Jerick McKinnon as a fifth running back."

Bottom line – they gave me a 75-percent chance of making the playoffs this season!

4. FantasyPros.com’s Bye Week Cheat Sheet

This sounds dumb, but it’s a great thing to print out and have near you if you are worried about early bye weeks affecting your roster. Personally, I don’t think bye weeks are that important because teams often change a lot before bye weeks roll around, but with that said, having both Adrian Peterson and Jonathan Stewart as my starters with Week 5 byes might be an issue.

5. Rotoworld’s Fantasy Player Headlines

You probably already have this one bookmarked, but this page is good to have open on your desktop at all times – right behind those TPS Reports you were supposed to finish this morning. These are the day’s BIG Fantasy headlines, so don’t expect to read about the second-year cornerback that the Bucs cut from their practice squad here.

6. FFToolbox.com’s Fantasy Strength of Schedule

I already wrote about this a few times this past month, but I really do like looking at the NFL schedule as a whole, and in five-week increments that they break it down. Did you know Jonathan Stewart has the easiest Fantasy strength of schedule this season? Should you be worried that Ben Roethlisberger has the toughest passing schedule of any other quarterback? I think you should.

7. CheatsheetWarRoom.com’s Custom Fantasy Football Cheat Sheets

You can use their tool to create your own customized Fantasy Football cheat sheets, by just dragging players up and down at each position on their interactive tool. Print that cheatsheet out and you are ready for your live, in-person Fantasy draft!

These are just a few of my top 33 Fantasy Football draft tools, but they are, by far, my favorite.

Bill Walsh Photo Credit: Carl Iwasaki, Getty Images