7 Ways to Do Fantasy Football Prep While at Work!

  • David Gonos


Millions, if not billions, of dollars are lost in productivity and wages by businesses in America every year due to their employees playing and researching Fantasy Football.

What does that stat tell you?

It should tell you that your opponents are doing a lot more research on company time than you are!

We found seven ways you can rectify that!

The tools we’re about to share will help you get your Fantasy Football prep in order, while also allowing you to continue getting work done. You know, in order to not get you fired and all. Those pesky mortgage payments aren’t going to pay themselves!

7 Ways to Do Fantasy Football Prep While at Work!

Use some of my Top 51 FREE Fantasy Football Draft Tools to help when you’re on your time. But on company time, try some of these Fantasy Football prep tools that will allow you to multi-task!

David Gonos

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