9 Fantasy Football Articles Worth a Look This Summer

  • David Gonos


Something you’re going to see every Friday on SportsGrid is this list of great Fantasy Football articles we’ve found over the past couple weeks.

It’s something new we’re trying, since there’s so much great content out there ini the world, and Fantasy Football has become a year-round hobby. Whether you are a dynasty player, or you play in regular leagues or deep leagues with plenty of rookies, reading about Fantasy Football in May is a great way to get a leg up on your competition!

9 Fantasy Football Articles We Think You’ll Enjoy This Week!

Hopefully, we’ll introduce you to a few Fantasy Football articles on websites you might not have known about! (Speaking of which, I bet there are also some Free Fantasy Football tools that you don’t know about, too!)

ADP Duel: Kirk Cousins vs. Marcus Mariota

By Brandon Murchison of RotoExperts.com

If you’re reading Fantasy Football articles in May, you’re most likely a smart enough Fantasy owner to wait on drafting a quarterback. If so, you might even wait long enough to have to choose between the Redskins or Titans quarterbacks. Murchison does a nice job of breaking these two down against each other. Do you go K.C. or M.M.?

”The Pryor signing was a major move for the ‘Skins, as he brings in a skill set that was missing last year with his size and catch radius. Look for Cousins to get all that he can out of Pryor, who will also benefit from playing with a high-end quarterback for the first time in his career.” – Murchison

Leonard Fournette: Fantasy Stud or Rookie Hype?

By Ethan Lillard of GridironExperts.com

I’ve been saying for 6 months that the successes of rookie running backs Todd Gurley (2015) and Ezekiel Elliott (2016) meant people were going to overdraft Fournette, who was considered the top NFL RB prospect last college football season. Elliott was the first rookie to ever land in the first round of Average Draft Position, and now the question is if Fournette is being overvalued. Lillard discusses whether or not Fournette can reach a stat line conducive to a Rookie of the Year.

2017 NFL Rookie Quarterbacks: Winners & Losers

By Zach Rohde of SoCalledFantasyExperts.com

Where do you stand on Deshone Kizer? Sure, you won’t draft him on any leagues this year, but he might make a late-season appearance in your Daily Fantasy Football lineups. As a matter of fact, he might make some DFS lineups early in the season, if he earns a starting job against mediocre competition.

2017 Fantasy Football: Tight End Grades

By Alex Hamrick of FantasySixPack.net

Hamrick previews the Tight Ends position from a Fantasy Football perspective, and he does it in an interesting way. Rather than just making tiers, he sets some preview grades for each tier. Then he let’s you know which players have the best chance of breaking out of their tier and into a higher grade.

Fantasy Football Draft Strategy For Your First Quarterback

By Kurt Turner of FantasyKnuckleheads.com

Turner has some great tools on his site, but he also posts some solid articles, including this one breaking down when you should draft a quarterback. Late, right? Let’s see! He has some interesting stat takeaways.

Five QB Sells

By JDIBARI of DynastyFootballFactory.com

We want to give you a taste of several different Fantasy Football niche sites, too. For dynasty owners, these guys did a fun piece on five quarterbacks you should consider trading right now while their value is high. He actually lists SIX, but we’re not picky.

7 Compelling Facts About Top 2 Picks in Fantasy Football ADP History

By David Gonos of DavidGonos.com

You know I love looking back at Fantasy Football history, and in this case, I look at the top two picks (according to ADP) dating back to the Year 2000 (cue Conan O’Brien). The stats are pretty interesting on just how successful the second pick is compared to the first pick. Enjoy!

5 Great Stats On WRs To Alter Your Rankings

By David Gonos of SportsGrid.com

I like to look deeper into the stats and the stories that the numbers tell us. It doesn’t always mean anything, and many times, it helps confirm what we already know. For instance, wouldn’t you like to know the newly signed free-agent wide receiver that posted 818 Yards at the Catch last season, bested by just Mike Evans, Julio Jones, Jordy Nelson, Antonio Brown, Odell Beckham Jr. and T.Y. Hilton? This WR joined a new team this offseason, with a much better quarterback, too!

Kenneth Dixon vs. Danny Woodhead: Who Do You Like More?

By The RotoExperts in the Morning on FNTSY.com

Finally, our friends over at FNTSY.com discuss which running back they’d like more from the Ravens this season: Danny Woodhead, who’s coming back from injury, or Kenneth Dixon, who’s entering his second year in the league? Personally, I’m leery of the entire Ravens RB situation, but if I had to pick a backup, I go with the guy I think has the higher ceiling in Dixon. Sure, Woodhead can make plays, but he’s older, he’s coming back from injury, and he’s learning a new offense.

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