9 Free Tools To Help With Fantasy Football Keeper Decisions

  • David Gonos

Fantasy Football Keeper Tools - Tom Pennington

Summer usually means we must endure 3,500 baseball games, some soccer, some random sports and bad summer TV programming. But it also means we’re between the NFL Draft and our Fantasy Football drafts, which means we have several weeks to think over our biggest Fantasy Football keeper decisions of the upcoming year.

Do we keep that third-year running back that hasn’t blown up the way we all thought he would? Or do we use that roster spot to hold onto a breakout wide receiver from a year ago, even though he just got a fat new contract, and his team added some receiving help? Are we really thinking about keeping a quarterback or a tight end?

There are just so many keeper decisions to make, we could always use some help!

That’s where I come in!

I’ve tracked down several different FREE tools that will help you understand which way to go with some of your bigger Fantasy Football keeper decisions. Many of these can also be used for standard yearly Fantasy leagues, but they’re extra helpful with keeper leagues.

9 Free Tools To Help You With Fantasy Football Keeper Decisions

Some of these have premium versions, but you should still be able to use parts/portions of these tools for free. Also, while we refer to “keepers,” we’re also including those of you in dynasty leagues. Many of these tools can be used for both, projecting the future value of players.

1. FNTSY Videos on YouTube

First, you should buy a yearly subscription to the FNTSY app, so you can watch easily on Roku or other streaming devices on your TV. But until then, watch all of the Fantasy Sports Network’s shows on YouTube. From award-winners like Pat Mayo and Jake Ciely, to legends like Scott Engel and Nando Di Fino, FNTSY is the Fantasy Football king of videos.

No one has the same quality video productions, and very few can match their Fantasy Football knowledge!

2. FantasyPros’ Mock Draft Simulator

Choose how many teams are in your draft, which pick you have, and the scoring system (check the roster settnigs) – then mock draft away! While these specific mocks are for yearly leagues, they do have a setting for “Keeper Leagues” in the pay version. Basically, you connect your keeper league to this tool, and you can guess at which players will be held over by which teams. Very valuable for keeper mock drafting!


3. SoCalledFantasyExperts.com’s Free Email Advice

The SCFE guys, which I’m closely associated with, pride themselves on their free email advice – especially in the offseason, when the questions are that much more interesting, and they can take time to think/answer them. From Mark Strausberg to Michael Tomlin to John LaPresto, this is a solid group of writers.

6 More Free Fantasy Football Keeper Tools

Here are a handful or so more great keeper league tools to use for the upcoming season!

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