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Chris Meaney’s 2017 Fantasy Football Rankings Videos!

  • David Gonos

What’s better than reading a chart of someone’s rankings? How about listening to them talk through ranked players in certain spots, while watching them on their 2017 Fantasy Football rankings videos?

Chris Meaney is one of the top talents on FNTSY – the Fantasy Sports Network – and he proves why with his 2017 Fantasy Football rankings videos that we’ve embedded below.

We’ve also remarked about some of the more interesting rankings within each group, so you know what to listen for! If you listen to all these videos, one after another, it’s only about 90 minutes, but you’ll be caught up from the Fantasy Football offseason!

Chris Meaney’s 2017 Fantasy Football Rankings Videos!

These Fantasy Football rankings videos are for PPR formats, but for the most part, what Meaney discusses still holds true for standard non-PPR leagues, too.

Top 10 Quarterbacks Fantasy Football Rankings

Not a ton of surprises here, but he does choose Jameis Winston to beat out Marcus Mariota in the Year 3 battle of third-year quarterbacks.

Top 11-20 Quarterbacks Fantasy Football Rankings

The most interesting spot here, I believe, is the low ranking of Big Ben Roethlisberger, who he has ranked 13th among Fantasy QBs. With Martavis Bryant back, and a everybody appearing to be quite healthy at this point, it’s tough to imagine Big Ben landing outside the top-12. Then again, he disappears some weeks, and other weeks he’s hobbled himself.

Top 10 Running Backs Fantasy Football Rankings

The top-half of his top-10 running backs aren’t out of the ordinary, but I love where he has Todd Gurley, in what I believe is going to be a huge bounce-back year for one of the most disgruntled players of 2016.

Top 11-20 Running Backs Fantasy Football Rankings

Three, count ‘em, three rookies make it into Meaney’s top-20 running back rankings. The last time three rookie running backs made the top-20 RBs in PPR scoring was in 2013, when Eddie Lacy, Giovani Bernard and Le’Veon Bell did it, and in 2012, when Doug Martin, Alfred Morris and Trent Richardson did it. That means this could be a banner year for first-year tailbacks.

Top 21-30 Running Backs Fantasy Football Rankings

Among his third tier of running backs, Meaney has some players coming back from injury, a rookie who I believe will be a superstar sooner than later (Dalvin Cook!), and a few guys wearing new jerseys in 2017.

Top 31-40 Running Backs Fantasy Football Rankings

We can remove Kenneth Dixon from this list, but look at those young guys in the very back of the top 40 – just needing an opportunity! Guys like Kareem Hunt, C.J. Prosise, Samaje Perine and Derrick Henry. They’re sure to a great sleeper running back in that group.

Top 10 Wide Receivers Fantasy Football Rankings

Before you raise an eyebrow that Michael Thomas is ranked eighth among all PPR receivers, realize that as a rookie, Thomas scored the seventh-most points among wide receivers last year! I’m more intrigued by where Meaney ranked Odell Beckham Jr.

Top 11-20 Wide Receivers Fantasy Football Rankings

Meaney doesn’t pull any punches – ranking Green Bay’s Davante Adams 11th among PPR WRs, which means people would be drafting him as a WR1. Alshon Jeffery, in his new Philly digs, comes in as the top WR2 in his rankings, but I’m reticent to agree with Meaney on having Terrelle Pryor in his top 20. I’m just not a believer in this fella (Pryor, not Meaney!).

Top 21-30 Wide Receivers Fantasy Football Rankings

We mentioned Michael Thomas ascension in his second year, which would follow what Allen Robinson did as a sophomore in 2015, when he finished as the sixth-best PPR WR. But Meaney’s not a believer in Blake Bortles – or Sammy Watkins, considering his ranking. (I’m on Meaney’s side here.)

Top 10 Tight Ends Fantasy Football Rankings

While this first set of tight end rankings doesn’t have much shock value, it is interesting that he has one guy in here that’s on his third team in three years – and could be a top-five tight end if Aaron Rodgers decides to use him more.

Top 11-20 Tight Ends Fantasy Football Rankings

Notice that Hunter Henry ranks 11th here. I wrote a piece on tight ends recently, as well, and I looked a little deeper into the whole breakout second-year tight end theory. Henry was the first rookie to be a top-12 tight end since Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez did it in 2010. While there haven’t been as many breakout tight ends come from sophomores, there have been many more 11th-20th-ranked tight ends come from that group. So they don’t so much “breakout” as they do “balloon-out,” like a slowly rising dirigible!

Hopefully, you enjoyed these 2017 Fantasy Football rankings videos! For more great Fantasy video content, subscribe to the FNTSY YouTube Channel! They churn out a couple handfuls of videos every single day for your Fantasy Sports loving pleasure!

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