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Comparing Fantasy Sports to esports: 7 Reasons To Get In Now

  • David Gonos

comparing Fantasy Sports to esports AP-Photo-David-Goldman

One of the fastest growing hobbies in the world happens to be esports, which has quickly transcended continents the way few other hobbies have. Millennials are lining up to watch, play and buy things associated with esports, which might remind some of the early days of Fantasy Football. Back when you used to read magazines to find out who to draft, and you’d have to listen to guys like Jim Rome talking crap about the hobby – until he realized advertisers love Fantasy Football.

That’s where we’re at with esports right now.

It’s a major hobby (reportedly worth a $1 billion) that attracts young people like nothing else. It transcends continents, languages, and genders.


Comparing Fantasy Sports to esports: 7 Reasons To Get In Now

This article is meant to help Fantasy Football players understand why comparing Fantasy to esports isn’t a crazy idea at all. There are actually many similarities!  

1. Both Hobbies are Based on Things We Loved as Kids

We all played football in the sandlot as kids, and we watched our favorite NFL heroes play on Sunday

We also all played video games as kids — much too much, if you asked our parents – and we’d watch our friends play video games when we weren’t playing. (They weren’t really our heroes, though.)

2. Both Hobbies are Based On the Best of the Best

Fantasy Football is a game where you draft the best skill position players in the NFL!

In esports, the very best gamers are collected and sponsored by different companies to form their own teams, and they fight each other in huge tournaments in front of thousands of people!

3. You Can Play Fantasy esports Just Like Daily Fantasy Sports

There are now Fantasy leagues for Fantasy esports, where fans can draft their favorite video game players for certain tournaments in certain games.

4. esports is Growing at a Higher Rate Than Fantasy Sports

There are 59.3 million people playing Fantasy Sports in the U.S. and Canada, according to the FSTA, and thanks to DFS, it’s a number that doubled the amount of Fantasy players from 2009 (28.4 million).

According to NewZoo, there are 221 million esports enthusiasts worldwide, and in 2016, there were 41.7 million esports peeps in the U.S. alone! Considering esports (since late 2000s) is less than one-third the age of Fantasy Sports (since early 1980s), you can see how the growth is on a sharp spike upward compared to Fantasy over the long haul (even including DFS).

5. Like Drafting Rookies Before Everyone Else, Get In On esports Before Your Friends

I’ve personally been around the Fantasy Sports industry for the past 17 years, and I’ve played the games for the past 27 years. As the hobby evolved, I got to see what worked, and what didn’t over the course of the past few decades, and that helped me be a better Fantasy player.

Comparing Fantasy Sports to esports, by learning about the hobby now, figuring out the players and the different leagues, etc., you’ll be ahead of the game as it continues to grow in popularity.

6. Connect With Your Kids On Something You Can Both Love

If you’re a parent, you can rest assured that if your kids aren’t already esports fans, they probably will become one sooner than later. Males from ages 21-35 dominate the market right now, but the second-biggest demographic is males 10-20 years old – which are about to be poured into the 21-35 demo. Males 36-50 make up the third-largest segment (that could be you!). Interestingly, females from ages 21-35 make up the fourth-largest demo (13 percent), with females ages 10-20 just behind them with seven percent.

Here are some ways you can connect with your kids over esports!

  1. Find out their favorite esports team, learn more about it, and play the games they play. (Here’s a list of the most popular tournaments of December, 2017!)
  2. Play those games together!
  3. Watch Twitch together!

If you’re unfamiliar, Twitch is where players can go to watch others play video games live, to learn their moves and just be amazed! (Follow FNTSY on Twitch here!)

7. esports Offers More Outside of the Games Than Fantasy Does

In Fantasy Football, you have your draft, fill out lineups, watch NFL games and maybe the NFL Draft. Outside of reading Fantasy Football articles, like at, or watching Fantasy videos, like at, that’s about it.

In esports, there is a much wide range of things going on, including the fact you can watch the best players in the world play a game that you might already own or are familiar with. You’ll gain knowledge and tips on how to play! There’s a much larger range of affiliated content with esports, too. For instance, there are documentaries, animated and live-action films based around esports.

As you can see, comparing Fantasy Sports to esports is pretty simple to do! If you want to learn more, check out the esports section on SportsGrid!

Featured Photo Credit: AP Photo/David Goldman

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