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Early QB Rankings – The Fantasy Footballers

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Another fresh episode from the #1 Fantasy Football podcast
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Early QB Rankings – Ep. #541

Fantasy Football Podcast for April 19th, 2018. On today’s show, we wrap up our early rankings episodes with QBs! Andy, Mike, and Jason discuss and debate about a handful of players. Is Drew Brees done being an elite fantasy football QB? Deshaun Watson or Carson Wentz? We’ll discuss our Top 15, plus look back on past examples of drafting a QB late with the thought of streaming, and ending up with a season-long starter. Prep your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams for 2018 with the #1 fantasy football podcast.

  • 02:00- Quick Question: What’s your favorite example of hitting on a late round QB that ended up being a season-long starter?
  • 06:40- Early QB Rankings
  • 08:00- Aaron Rodgers
  • 10:05- Russell Wilson
  • 13:05- Tom Brady
  • 15:55- Cam Newton
  • 18:40- Kirk Cousins
  • 20:55- Drew Brees
  • 28:40- Deshaun Watson
  • 33:55- Andrew Luck
  • 36:15- Carson Wentz
  • 39:05- Matthew Stafford, Philip Rivers
  • 44:15- Jameis Winston
  • 46:05- Ben Roethlisberger, Jimmy Garoppolo, Matt Ryan
  • 50:40- Mailbag!

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