Fantasy Football Auctions: 7 Ways to Crush Dumb Opponents

  • David Gonos


Fantasy Football auctions are really the best mode of assigning players to teams and owners every year and more people should be doing them than there already are. As a matter of fact, my pitch is that everyone should have at least one straight draft, one auction draft, one keeper league draft and one dynasty league draft every season.

The straight draft gives you the excitement that everyone else is feeling across the Fantasy universe every year. The auction draft gives you the opportunity to own any player you want in a draft and not have to rely on the bounce of a lottery ball. The keeper draft allows you to benefit from finding a sleeper or two late in your drafts. And a dynasty draft allows you to work on your team management skills over the course of several years.

I’ve been playing in Fantasy auctions for over two decades now, and specifically in Fantasy Football auctions since the early 2000s, including five years with I’m in my 12th season in Tout Wars, which is one of the most notable Fantasy Baseball expert leagues in the country, winning it once, and coming in second twice. My point? I know auctions – and Fantasy Football auctions! You can read this auction breakdown of the most interesting Fantasy Football league in the world, and you can read my Fantasy Football Auction Strategy 26 Do’s and Don’ts!

7 Ways to Crush Your Dumb Opponents in Fantasy Football Auctions

Most people are using online auction sites these days, whether they are at ESPN, CBS or, so our Fantasy Football auctions advice is mostly for them.

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