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Future Hindsight Week 2 Waivers: Dumpster Diving!

  • David Gonos

Week 2 Waivers-Washington-Tony-Avelar

If you owned a time machine, wouldn’t you go back to Thursday morning and start Chiefs QB Alex Smith in your lineup? Of course, then you’d go play some lottery winners and maybe eat that roast beef in your fridge that went bad this morning. But first – you’d help your Fantasy team!

That’s what this article is – it’s a look into the future to find some players that we will have wanted on our teams before the weekend started! Wouldn’t you like to pick up a player off free agency before he blows up and becomes the No. 1 waiver pickup!?! Of course!

Despite the offensive dominance of Thursday night’s Chiefs-Patriots game, remember that defenses are usually ahead of offenses early in the NFL season. It’s easier to stop execution than it is to execute.

5 Fantasy Football Players We’ll Want Off Week 2 Waivers

We’ll only be listing players that are still available in at least 70 percent of CBS Sports leagues before Week 2’s games. But we won’t be including the teams from Thursday night’s game, since they are not addable in most league services.

Photo Credit: AP Photo/Tony Avelar

David Gonos

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