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New Year’s Resolutions, Week 17 Matchups, Blake the Snake – The Fantasy Footballers

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Another fresh episode from the #1 Fantasy Football podcast
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New Year’s Resolutions, Week 17 Matchups, Blake the Snake – Ep. #509

Fantasy Football Podcast for December 29th, 2017. The Fantasy Footballers are back again for the last Friday show of the 2017 season! Don’t worry we’re still here for you two times a week in the offseason! For those still playing in Week 17, we’ll cover the rest of the matchups and predict who will be In-Or-Out. Plus, hear our New Year’s Resolutions and don’t miss when Jason and Mike go head-to-head during the Daily Dose. Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams with insights you can only get on the #1 fantasy football podcast.

  • 03:45- #Footclan Friday
  • 04:20- Quick Question of the Day: Who is your personal best pickup from the 2017 season?
  • 06:35- Quick Question of the Day #2: What’s your New Year’s Resolution
  • 08:30- NFL News & Notes
  • 08:35- Ben Roethlisberger, Le’Veon Bell
  • 13:45- In or Out?
  • 20:40- Week 17 Fantasy Forecast Part Two
  • 20:45- Panthers at Falcons
  • 26:15- Bengals at Ravens
  • 32:00- Bills at Dolphins
  • 37:00- Saints at Buccaneers
  • 42:10- Jaguars at Titans
  • 47:10- Chiefs at Broncos
  • 50:30- 49ers at Rams
  • 53:25- Raiders at Chargers
  • 56:55- Cardinals at Seahawks
  • 01:02:45- Week 17 Daily Dose Live Draft

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