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At this point of the Fantasy Football offseason, most owners are looking for some helpful stats and news bytes that might help them with their offseason rankings and their draft prep cheat sheets. Breakouts and sleepers are great, but knowing the busts is just as valuable.

We found several articles about overvalued Fantasy Football players (including one we wrote!) that should help you adjust your rankings accordingly. You might not agree with all of the assessments of these Fantasy Football writers, but reading these opinions could still help you in understanding how others might perceive a specific player.

8 Articles About Overvalued Fantasy Football Players

While not all of these articles are about “busts,” per se, they are helpful in determining which Fantasy players might be either ranked too high or are being drafted too high.

Executive News Desk: Jamison Crowder Over Terrelle Pryor

By Corey Parson of RotoExperts.com

Parson is also known as “The Fantasy Exec,” and when the bossman speaks, we listen! While he believes Pryor to be the more talented player of the two top Redskins receivers, he likes Crowder as the better Fantasy value in 2017. That’s not to say he believes Crowder will outscore Pryor, but more that Crowder’s cost compared to his output will be much better than Pryor’s.

”I’m just as excited about Cousins and Pryor putting on an aerial show in D.C. as the next guy. The difference is that I’m willing to wait two rounds later and take Crowder as a WR3 in Fantasy Football.” — Parson

Tyreek Hill’s Fantasy Value: Overvalued, Undervalued or a Fair Price

By Jack Delaney of SoCalledFantasyExperts.com

There has been a lot of offseason news that has helped Hill’s Fantasy value fluctuate, from the release of RB Jamaal Charles, to the drafting of QB Patrick Mahomes, to the release of WR Jeremy Maclin. Delaney looks at the former running back from every which way to see how he should be valued as a Fantasy wide receiver in 2017.

2017 Fantasy Football Overall Rankings: Top 250 Players

By David Gonos of DavidGonos.com

By looking at my top 250 players, you can see several people I believed to be overvalued Fantasy Football players. Basically, look down the list on the right side of my rankings to see the differences between my rankings and the Experts Consensus Rankings (ECR) or ADP. If there’s a plus next to the number, that means I have that player ranked higher than others, but if there’s a minus, it means I believe he is overvalued by everyone else. Here are three players I consider overvalued for 2017, judging from my Top 250 Players:

  1. Alshon Jeffery, WR, Philadelphia
  2. Doug Martin, RB, Tampa Bay
  3. Dak Prescott, QB, Dallas

Is Matt Ryan Due For Regression In 2017?

By Noah Spurlock of WeTalkFantasySports.com

A lot of people are already looking at Ryan as a player that could suffer a Super Bowl hangover, much like Cam Newton had last season. What does Spurlock’s research tell us?

Undrafted Free Agent Rookie RB Sleepers

By JDIBARI of DynastyFootballFactory.com

While this article specifically looks at undrafted free agent rookies, it also helps us to understand that wherever they end up could be a placed that has some overvalued Fantasy Football players that they overtake. They ask the question – could any of this year’s undrafted rookie free agents become the next Priest Holmes or Arian Foster?

2017 Fantasy Football Tight End Busts: Gone Tomorrow

By Michael Trivisonno of FantasySixPack.net

Finding good Fantasy tight ends isn’t too difficult, since you only have to start one in most leagues. But if you make a misstep with a high pick, you’ll need to fix that with a waiver wire or a trade. Trivisonno lists a trio of tight ends, including one rookie, that he believes are being overdrafted so far in 2017.

8 Overvalued Fantasy Players For 2017 (Early Edition)

By Jody Smith of GridironExperts.com

Getting stuck with a stinker at a high price could really send your Fantasy team into a tailspin that a good waiver-wire pickup might not be able to solve. Smith discusses some players he believes are being overdrafted thus far this summer. One of those overvalued Fantasy Football players happens to be LeGarrette Blount, the NFL’s leading TD rusher from a year ago, but a player I have long noted was a failure outside of Bill Belichick’s system, save for one year in Tampa.

Meanwhile …. Over at FNTSY.com

The guys on the “Fantasy Football Frenzy” show take a look at the Average Draft Positions of several injured and coming-back-from-injury players for 2017.

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