The Pat Mayo Hour Part 2: Richie Incognito, Jonathan Martin, Bullying & Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s Crack Smoking Scandal

Richie IncognitoIn Part Two of the Pat Mayo Hour: Pat Mayo (@ThePME), Tim Anderson (@TimAnderson87) & Jamie McKay (@_JamesMcKay) discuss the ever evolving Richie Incognito/Jonathan Martin situation, asking if Incognito is an easy target, what information can we believe, do regular HR regulations apply to locker rooms, “mental toughness”, what is “acceptable” within NFL culture & what crosses the line, where’s mental health awareness at in pro sports and is Martin ever going to speak out on the matter? Because if he doesn’t, he may lose the PR battle, get stigmatized and never find another job in the league.

Then, the guys chat about other famous sports bullies and at (26:50) delve into the twisted world of crack smoking Toronto Mayor Rob Ford: living in the craziness he’s unleashed, his odd like-ability and reelection prospects if he cleans himself up. Plus, debates over if there’s a difference between positive & negative publicity, if Ford should petition to make a cameo on SNL this weekend, conservatism vs liberalism in newspapers, American vs World tax rates and if it would be fun to live in Morocco.

ESPN’s Jason Whitlock – “Martin walked into twisted world
TIMELINE – Rob Ford Crack Scandal

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