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The TRUTH About Fantasy WRs in 2017, Part 1 – The Fantasy Footballers

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Another fresh episode from the #1 Fantasy Football podcast
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The TRUTH About Fantasy WRs in 2017, Part 1 – Ep. #512

Fantasy Football Podcast for January 9th, 2018. The Fantasy Footballers are back again with one of the most important episodes of the year! We break down the TRUTH about fantasy football wide receivers in 2017.  How consistent were they?  How did they perform against top 16 or bottom 16 defenses? Which players are going to be great in 2018 and which are primed for regression?  Join Andy, Jason, and Mike as they break down the seasons of DeAndre Hopkins, Keenan Allen, Tyreek the Freak and others top wideouts in this TRUTH episode. A great episode to remember and come back to before your 2018 fantasy football draft.

  • 01:00- Wild Card Weekend
  • 09:25- NFL News & Notes
  • 16:15- The TRUTH on WRs in 2017 Part 1
  • 25:40- DeAndre Hopkins
  • 29:40- Antonio Brown
  • 31:55- Keenan Allen
  • 35:10- Julio Jones
  • 37:20- Larry Fitzgerald
  • 40:30- Michael Thomas
  • 45:00- Jarvis Landry
  • 50:20- Tyreek Hill
  • 53:45- Marvin Jones
  • 56:40- Adam Thielen

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