Today In 'Predictable Results Theater': Guy Tries To Knock Over 7-Eleven, But Clerk Is Golden Gloves Champ

![]( "robber")When a story includes the sentence "the man will be charged with robbery once he's discharged from the hospital," it kind of makes me smile and want to read further. Meet Eric Sydnor, a clerk at the 7-Eleven store on the University of Pittsburgh campus. Sydnor was on duty when Leverett Johnson walked in and shoved a gun in his face demanding money. But since Sydnor is [a former Golden Gloves champion]( who is trying to make the U.S. Olympic men's boxing team, this story [ends a little differently than the crook hoped it would]( > Sydnor says Johnson pointed the pistol at him demanding money, but apparently had no idea who he was dealing with. That’s because Sydnor is a Golden Gloves champion with hard hands. “I won the Golden Gloves once, and made it to the finals three times,” Sydnor said. When asked how he handled Johnson, Sydnor said, “He got slammed.” Syndor's trainer Jose Caraballo says Johnson, “picked the wrong guy and store to walk into that night.”

[]( the struggle Johnson apparently bit Sydnor's hand, causing tendon damage. Sydnor said that he'll be fine, but a thing like that could easily derail a person's Olympic goals. No matter. Sydnor said he'd do it again. "It's about what's right and what's wrong," he said.