YES!!!: WWE Star Daniel Bryan Chases Down Burglar And Foils Robbery

  • Zach Berger

No, this isn’t a silly drummed up Vince McMahon creation for a WWE storyline. Yes, the actual dude that plays Daniel Bryan on everyone’s favorite Monday/Friday night soap opera actually stopped a robbery in real life.

The former WWE champion spotted some burglars exiting a home in Phoenix on Thursday night and hased after the men, keeping one of them under control until authorities arrived.

Here’s some more info on this story from the Detroit Free Press, which is very far away from Phoenix but we aren’t asking questions:

Former WWE World Heavyweight champion Bryan Danielson, known in the ring as Daniel Bryan, ran after two men who were exiting an Arcadia home around 7 p.m. Thursday, said Phoenix police spokesman Sgt. Tommy Thompson.

When Danielson and his wife pulled up to the home Thursday evening, they saw a door leading to the driveway begin to open, Thompson said. The two suspects then fled the scene, with Danielson quickly on their tail.

Sosa explained to police that he and his accomplice broke into the home through the back door but dropped “their loot” when the burglary was “interrupted,” Thompson said.

As great as this story is, and as much as I wish there was video of an enraged, heavily bearded Daniel Bryan tackling a burglar while screaming “YES! YES! YES!”, the most shocking revelation here might be that his real name is Bryan Danielson. Really? The best he could is swap his first and last name and take out a few letters? Are you going to tell me that The Undertaker’s real name is Taker Underson?

(I strongly apologize for that terrible joke.)