Enjoy The First Freezing Monday With Karina Irby

Enjoy The First Freezing Monday With Karina Irby
  • SportsGrid Staff

We agree that it’s Monday and it’s freezing and that combination has us in a miserable mood. So we were thinking of what could make us feel better and then we stumbled upon Karina Irby. Minus the whole being jealous that she’s in a bathing suit and in the warmth, we have to admit we are feeling a little better as we inch closer to 5:00.

Enter Karina Irby.

Irby is a professional bikini model that is really good at being really ridiculously good looking. Essentially, we thought this was the perfect way to end your day. So enjoy the gallery below and try and stay warm. Remember Thanksgiving is just days away and that means a whole lot of food that you’ll get to eat, football you’ll get to watch, and non working that you’ll have to do!

All photos are courtesy of Karina Irby’s Instagram