A WWE Wrestler Uprooted A Tree With His Bare Hands To Save His Mother, Who Was Trapped Inside A Burning House With A Crazy Guy. Actually.

  • Matt Rudnitsky

A former WWE “superstar,” Chris “The Masterpiece” Masters, saved his mother’s life last night. Some crazy guy set her house on fire, and because he is a crazy wrestler, “The Masterpiece” used his bear bare hands to remove a tree from the ground and threw said tree through a window to get inside. I’m not sure how big the tree was or why that was necessary, but it worked and it was badass. This wasn’t a TV gimmick; this actually happened.

Via TMZ:

Former WWE superstar Chris “The Masterpiece” Masters saved his mother from burning to death by uprooting a tree with his bare hands and using it as a battering ram to enter her house.

Masters — real name Chris Mordetzky — tells us, he rushed to his mother’s L.A. home yesterday after his uncle called and said a neighbor had gone crazy and barricaded himself inside her house.

When Chris showed up, the neighbor was shouting through the front door that he would burn the place down if anyone tried to gain entry.

Chris says he tried talking sense into the guy, but he wasn’t having it — so Chris called the cops … but when they showed up, the neighbor set the house on fire…

Chris reached through the window and removed his mom from the inferno … at which point police rushed in and arrested the neighbor on arson charges.

Here’s a picture of the wreckage.

Wrestling might not be real, but wrestlers are real.

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