So We Are All Patriots Fans Now Right?

So We Are All Patriots Fans Now Right?
  • Gregg Sussman

So here’s the truth. I was going to write an article about wrestling and Seth Rollins getting hurt. I feel pretty terrible that Rollins will possibly miss his second consecutive “WrestleMania” due to an injury to his right knee and was going to speculate who Triple H will wrestle instead. The column was turning out all nice and heartfelt, until I received this email.

Subject: SuperBowl Porn Star BJS

Yeah, sorry Seth. Hope that knee heals in time for ‘Mania!

So I’ve heard of this #TeamBJ thing before. In fact, I read it about it here on SportsGrid, back before Election Day. It’s just hard to focus on Seth Rollins’ recovery when you see the details to the contest. Basically, if the Patriots wins. Blowjobs for everyone!

Porn stars Lauren Phillips and Carmen Valentina have revived #TeamBJ in order to get fans on the Patriots bandwagon. The Pats win, we all win.

Lauren Phillips is quoted as saying: ”I asked Carmen if she wanted to give #TeamBJ a shot for the Superbowl. I really do have a fantasy of random twitter followers showing up to collect BJs. I honestly hope that Brady and the Patriots kick some ass this weekend. I’d love to inflate a lot of balls…..”

Carmen Valentina is quoted as saying: ”This is my first ever #TeamBJ so I have no idea what to expect. I am nervous and excited at the same time. I will be on the edge of my seat the entire game. I’d love to give Bill Belichick a BJ if the Patriots win… he hardly ever smiles.”

To qualify for a BJ fans must follow both Carmen and Lauren on Twitter and the Patriots must win the Superbowl. Details on how to collect the BJs will be posted on 3 days after the Superbowl.

Seems easy enough. This is the fifth time that #TeamBJ will be offering blowjobs to everyone and they’ve even released DVDs to prove that the team keeps their word.

So if you’re on the fence on who you should root for, take a look at your potential prize if the Patriots win.

It's my Birthday bitches!

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Take that face and motor boat my boobies

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Side boobie

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