Annnnd … The Commonwealth Games Get Underway With A Gay Kiss

  • Rick Chandler

Hey, if you didn’t want a political statement advocating for gay and lesbian rights at your Commonwealth Games event, you shouldn’t have hired John Barrowman as host. This gay smooch below happened during today’s Opening Ceremony, and it must have thrilled the 40 participating nations where homosexual activity is still a criminal offense.

Everyone should have known something offbeat was about to happen when Barrowman — a singer, presenter and actor (“Torchwood”) from Glasgow — emerged on stage from underneath a giant kilt.

During the opening dance number, Barrowman raced up and kissed a male dancer, and it was obviously part of the choreography. As far as we know it’s the first gay kiss during an opening ceremony for a major sports event, although who the hell knows what was going on in Rio for that 2014 World Cup one.

The Commonwealth Games include 71 nations made up mostly of territories that belonged to the former British Empire. No, the U.S. is not involved. I think it’s only for countries which still have The Queen on their money.

Metro UK:

John Barrowman has arguably made a bold statement during the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games by kissing another man.

The move could be seen as a response to recent controversies surrounding the criminalization of homosexuality in many countries participating in the games. Homosexual activity remains a criminal offense in 40 of the 53 countries within the Commonwealth.

There are 71 nations and territories competing in this year’s events held in Glasgow, Scotland.

Barrowman is obviously a loose cannon, which is just what an event commonly dubbed “The poor man’s Summer Olympics” really needs.

Here’s a live blog of the Opening Ceremony.

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