Ochocinco Johnson Slapped His Attorney's Butt In Court, And Now He's Going To Jail (UPDATES: There Is Video And A GIF, And They're Fantastic)" />

Chad Ochocinco Johnson Slapped His Attorney’s Butt In Court, And Now He’s Going To Jail (UPDATES: There Is Video And A GIF, And They’re Fantastic)

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Chad Johnson is no longer Chad Ochocinco, and he is no longer a free man. He’s going to jail.

Former NFL star Chad Johnson will serve 30 days in jail after violating probation in a domestic violence case involving his then-wife, TV reality star Evelyn Lozada.

A plea deal that called for no jail time fell apart Monday. Broward Judge Kathleen McHugh rejected it after Johnson playfully slapped his attorney on the behind in court. McHugh says Johnson wasn’t taking things seriously enough, even after he apologized. McHugh also extended Johnson’s probation for three months.

This was probably unwise, and it is definitely not surprising. Hilarious, though, and will explode Instagram if pictures are found.

To sum up: Chad Johnson was on Hard Knocks, appeared to again be an NFL starter, then headbutted his wife, got probation, violated probation, slapped his lawyer’s ass and now is going to jail.

I am currently conducting a study to confirm that there is an inverse relationship between Twitter followers and brain size.

UPDATE: TMZ HAS VIDEO (h/t Black Sports Online).

Two obvious takeaways: Chad Johnson is a moron, and the judge can’t find her go-to gavel because it is lodged in her rear.




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