Chad Johnson Will Be Freed Today, Has Perhaps Learned Lesson About Court Room Butt-Slapping

  • Eric Goldschein

Is seven days a sufficient amount of time to learn that slapping your attorney on the butt is not appropriate court room behavior? Since we have no precedent for such a punishment, the answer must be yes, as Chad Johnson will be released from jail today.

Johnson was brought in once again to face Judge McHugh, whose controversial (over?)reaction to Johnson’s congratulatory butt-slap was originally to sentence the ex-NFLer to 30 days in prison. Johnson reportedly apologized to the judge for his actions.

From TMZ:

Johnson was brought into the courtroom wearing handcuffs … and from the moment the hearing began, the judge blasted Chad for his history of disrespectful behavior.

But after the scolding, the judge agreed to release Johnson today — but extended his probation by one month…

The judge also called Johnson’s original crime — his physical altercation with now-ex-wife Eveyln Lozada — “horrific,” which sounds about right. Now that Johnson has served some time in prison (albeit for all the wrong reasons), perhaps the message has gotten across: Don’t be a knucklehead. Simple as that.

Photo via Getty