Davone Bess, Noted Weed Smoker, Got Arrested For Assaulting Someone At The Airport

  • Eric Goldschein

Stoners are a peaceful sort — particularly those who preach love for Bob Marley and other aspects of Rastafarian culture. So it’s a little confusing as to why Cleveland Browns receiver Davone Bess, who wants the world to know how much weed he smokes, got arrested early morning for assaulting a “police officer/firefighter” at the Fort Lauderdale airport.

Here’s his terrible/golden mugshot (via CBS Miami):

davone bess mugshot

Bess was reportedly going through “personal issues” when the Browns let him sit out the last two days of the season, but then he posted an Instagram photo of himself smoking weed, and yesterday tweeted out a photo of… weed.

We can’t speculate on what caused this altercation — except that maybe nobody likes being at the airport at 6 in the morning — but safe to say that we’d be slightly more sympathetic to the guy if this wasn’t just the latest incident in a string of stupidity over the last few months.

Hey, anyone want to coach the Browns?

UPDATE: Miami Dolphins beat reporter Adam Beasley has the scoop on what went down:


Here’s how Bess looks fresh out of his stint in custody: