Drunk Umpire Passes Out At High School Baseball Game, Tries To Attack People Helping Him

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Did you know that it is a common insult to suggest, when an umpire’s calls differ from your desired calls, that the umpire is drunk? It’s true. People do it to make the umpire feel bad about himself, because it suggests that the umpire is bad at his job.

Sometimes, though, the umpire is drunk, and may actually be good at his job while sober. We’ll just never know.

An umpire at of a Stark County High School baseball game was arrested on the field after allegedly passing out and attacking the first responders that tried to help.

He was totally fine, first responders. Just let him rub some infield dirt on his liver.

Daryl Jacobson, 49 of Kewanee, is being charged with two counts of aggravated battery and two counts of resisting a peace officer and is in custody at the Stark County jail. Jacobson was working as the infield umpire when Stark County hosted United High School in a varsity baseball Friday, May 10th.

According to witnesses, Jacobson passed out on the field and when he was being assisted, he attacked the first responders that tried to help. He was then tased two times while being arrested.

Jacobson’s court documents state that his arraignment is set for May 24th. Under his bond conditions, he is order not to consume alcohol or visit an establishment whose main purpose is to sell alcohol.

So, no baseball games for Jacobson.