Jose Canseco Is Changing The World One Tweet At A Time: “Gay” and “Ungay” Are Both Human

  • Jake O'Donnell

Not that Twitter lends itself to complex ideas–it often stifles them. But in 140 characters, you can say a lot by saying very little. Not surprisingly, Jose Canseco’s tweets generally do this. In fact, they say so little sometimes, that they manage to make you stupider for reading them. Take for example, this tweet about sexuality and sports, from earlier today. While his heart clearly is in the right place, the fact that he calls for equality between the “gay” and the “ungay” is, well, hilarious.

They’re called “straight”, Jose. The “ungay” makes them sound like they were once gay, and have been resurrected to roam the Earth in search of the opposite sex (a la the “undead”.) And not be a stickler, but it wouldn’t hurt to throw in some punctuation now and then. You had 97 characters left, use them. Instead, your tweet sounds like a B horror movie plot, where the hero has to unite the two waring sects of humanity to fight the Martian invaders. But hey, if that’s how you think of it, fine. The more supportive current and former athletes are of openly gay individuals, the faster we can get past this as a society. A society doomed to be conquered by aliens.

H/T BuzzFeed