Apparently, The “Steroids” In Oscar Pistorius’ Home Weren’t Actually Steroids

  • Matt Rudnitsky

The case of the alleged Oscar Pistorius murder of Reeva Steenkamp has had a lot of weird twists, most unconfirmed. For one, there were reports of steroids (testosterone) being found in his home. Then, the report was that Blade Runner claimed he was just being a nice guy and holding them for a friend. Now, the AP is reporting that the “steroids” weren’t actually steroids. They were Testis compositum, which is apparently not a banned substance.

Oscar Pistorius’ public relations firm confirms that the substance found in the athlete’s bedroom is testis compositum, a compound that is advertised to help sexual performance and treat impotence as well as hormone imbalances. Pistorius’ representatives say the remedy is used “in aid of muscle recovery,” according to the Associated Press.

So, he could be embarrassed and doesn’t want to admit he’s impotent, or he could be telling the truth.

And for all we know, this report could be wrong. The initial report said that “boxes and boxes of steroids were said to have been discovered… (in) every form possible, such as capsules, ampoules and syringes.”

Basically, we know nothing.