“He’s A Marijuana Freak” Is Probably Not The Best Way To Beat Those Drug-Dealing Charges

  • Eric Goldschein

Back in December 2011, then-NFL wideout Sam Hurd made the police blotter when he accepted a kilogram of cocaine from an undercover cop outside a Chicago steakhouse. He was allegedly planning to start a drug distribution network, the case for which was bolstered when he went back to court a few months later after trying to set up another buy.

Charged with drug conspiracy and conspiring to possess with the intent to distribute cocaine and marijuana, Hurd officially changed his plea to guilty yesterday in Dallas. Despite admitting to his crime, Hurd’s lawyer says that Hurd had no intention of selling the thousands of dollars worth of drugs he was buying. Dude is just “a marijuana freak.”

Let’s examine some details. Here’s defense attorney Jay Ethington explaining his client’s actions (from the Chicago Tribune):

“He’s a marijuana freak,” Ethington said. “He loves marijuana. He’s addicted to high-grade marijuana.”

He said Hurd did not deal marijuana.

“Sell? No. Share with his friends? Yes,” Ethington said.

Here’s what Hurd allegedly told the undercover cop who busted him back in 2011:

The cocaine was given to him after he allegedly said he wanted to buy 5 to 10 kilograms of cocaine and 1,000 pounds of marijuana weekly to distribute.

And here’s what 1,000 pounds of weed — which Hurd wanted to buy every week — looks like:

So Hurd wanted to buy a half ton of weed weekly to smoke and share with his friends, and he totally wasn’t going to sell that, or the kilos of cocaine he wanted to buy from the undercover cop. The reason being, he’s a “marijuana freak.”

Being a freak for something usually entails wanting a lot of it. Like a freak for tacos, or a freak for watching basketball. Would you eat 1,000 pounds of tacos a week? Would you watch 1,000 hours of basketball? Or would you at least try to offload some of those tacos, and maybe split your cable bill with your roommates? Saying you’re a freak for weed — I doubt the jury is going to fall in love with that line. Best of luck, Mr. Hurd.

P.S. — Dave Chappelle killed the “addicted to weed” excuse a long time ago [NSFW, thanks to Bob Saget].


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