When A Referee Is Being Unfair To Your Youth Football Team, What Do You Do? Why You Fight Him, Of Course

  • Dan Fogarty

What we have here is a group of youth football coaches in Sarasota, Florida, who believe that a referee has been dogging their team. The argument, which took place during a youth game played by 13 and 14-year-olds, starts to escalate, and the group of coaches gang up on the poor ref.

That’s when one of the youth players comes out of nowhere, and, with a full head of steam, tackles him (Tackle a zebra that has it out for us? THAT’S A BUCKEYE). All hell pretty much breaks loose after that, but, remarkably, the ref wasn’t seriously hurt.

Also remarkable is the fact that Sarasota police don’t have any leads so far. Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office Col. Steve Burns, who’s featured in the local news broadcast below, seems to be kind of surprised that the people who beat up the ref didn’t stick around to wait for police to show up so they could politely be arrested. Kindly file into the paddywagon, if you would sir!

[Herald-Tribune via Busted Coverage]