Aaron Hernandez Charged With First-Degree Murder, Will Be Held Without Bail

  • Eric Goldschein

Aaron Hernandez’s arraignment began around 2:40 p.m. ET. He was charged with murder.

Here is just some of the evidence presented at the arraignment by prosecutors:

-Texts from Hernandez’s phone to the deceased (Odin Lloyd) on the night of the murder.
-At least six hours of footage missing from Hernandez’s home security video system.
-Shell casing found in the car Hernandez rented, matching the casings found at the scene.
-Police have Hernandez on tape with gun, saying “you can’t trust anyone anymore” before picking up Lloyd.
-Murder called an “execution” that Hernandez seems to have orchestrated. Hernandez allegedly shot Lloyd himself.

According to what we heard from the prosecutor, Hernandez was “upset” with Lloyd for talking to certain people at a nightclub a few days before the murder. What Lloyd might have said to these people isn’t clear.

The other five charges are “gun-related”:

Hernandez pleaded not guilty to all charges, and remained stoic during the entire arraignment.

He will be held without bail.

You can watch the arraignment live here.