This Is Why You Don’t Release A Mugshot Of Donovan McNabb Without Any Details

  • Eric Goldschein

Was Donovan McNabb arrested in Arizona today? According to several news reports, yes, he was, and this mugshot is “proof”:

But there’s reason to believe that this stems from a criminal traffic citation he received in January. That case’s trial is set for May 16.

This is why you don’t release a mugshot of a famous person without any details — rumors abound. And when rumors abound, disinformation is spread. And when disinformation is spread, you’re gonna have a bad time. Notice how most of the tweets on this story are vague, saying McNabb “was arrested,” which allows for ass-covering when people realize this is old news.

To be fair, he looks some kind of hammered in this picture. That must have been a hell of a traffic violation.