This Texas City Councilman Spiced Up His Son’s Little League Game By Punching His Ex-Wife

  • Dylan Murphy

If you’re looking to get arrested, hit your ex-wife in front of a ton of witnesses and a cop in the middle of a little league game. A councilman in Baytown, Texas, has taken this sound advice and put it into practice, striking his wife in an unprovoked attack after showing up to her son’s little league game.


“Investigators said Mercedes Renteria’s ex-wife was watching her son play a Little League baseball game at a field in the 1500 block of North 10th Street on Wednesday. Police said Renteria showed up at the game, walked up to her where she was seated in the bleachers, and punched her in the back.

Investigators said Renteria then began swearing at his ex-wife while witnesses looked on.”

Renteria is now facing assault and disorderly conduct charges, because this is what happens when you punch your ex-wife in front of a ton of witnesses. We’ll presume that the game did not stop because SPORTS MUST GO ON. Since so many details remain unknown, including what sparked such violence and the nitty gritty of the cussing, feel free to hop onboard the rampant speculation train in the comments. We’re going with:

“Oh you think I’m an alcoholic? Taste this ironic twist of pain.”

/liver punch.

At the very least, it is clear why his wife is now an ex.

[, via Busted Coverage]