Will Dog The Bounty Hunter Catch War Machine?

  • Eric Goldschein

Jonathan Koppenhaver, also known as “War Machine,” is currently on the run after allegedly beating his porn star ex-girlfriend so savagely that her hospital photos are officially NSFW. Police are searching for the 32-year-old MMA fighter, who did find time to tweet claims of innocence (from an account with a bio that reads “I do Alpha Male shit”).

Hopefully the police bring this guy to justice. But if they can’t do it, I hope another disgraced meathead can:

Chapman has a new show on CMT after his old one on A&E fizzled out. This is no doubt a plug for that show, but regardless, I’d watch the hell out of an episode where a guy named Dog captures a guy named War Machine, so good marketing, dude.

UPDATE: Holy shit, we have an exclusive interview with Dog. He confirmed that he’s hunting War Machine and he wants our help >