Woman Brags About Hitting Cyclist On Twitter. Cops Are Unamused

  • Rick Chandler

In all the history of mankind there has been no more heated rivalry than that between the motorist and the cyclist. They hate each other — just ask Tony Kornheiser — and things can get outright deadly.

Take this woman named Emma Way, for instance. The Norwich, England resident boasted on Twitter over the weekend that she hit a pesky cyclist with her car. But that’s OK, wrote Emma, because “they don’t pay road tax.”

But then Emma was surprised to learn that the police read Twitter, too.

Apparently several people forwarded her tweet to the Norwich police, who then contacted Emma.


Norwich police: “What’s all this then?”


Ms Way was quickly identified from her Facebook page and the police were sent other examples of her poor driving: she had taken taking photographs of herself tailgating other motorists, and even photographed her speedometer showing a speed of 95mph.

Turns out Ms Way wasn’t kidding, apparently. There was a cyclist who was knocked off his bike, allegedly by Ms Way, and he says he’s lucky to be alive.

The cyclist knocked from his bike was Toby Hockley, who was riding the Boudicca Sportive on Sunday, reports The Telegraph, basing its story on the Iceni club Facebook postings.

Hockley has also been interviewed by the BBC. He said: “”A car came tearing round the blind corner and narrowly missed a cyclist in front of me. She came on to my side of the road, I took the wing mirror off and I went flying off my bike into a hedge.

“She hit me hard, really hard. I am lucky to be alive.

“But I managed to get out of the hedge and stand up. The car was nowhere to be seen. She hit me, and she was gone. All I know is that it was a blonde girl driving.”

Way has deleted her Twitter account, but not before police caught up with her. It’s all under investigation and they say they can’t release details at this time.