The Captain Morgan Pose Arrives In Pittsburgh

The Captain Morgan Pose Arrives In Pittsburgh
  • Gregg Sussman

It’s been a decades long tradition. A college football player makes a sick play and he strikes the Heisman pose. It doesn’t matter what position they play or their odds of actually winning the trophy, the bigger the moment, the longer the pose. The problem, however, is that the Heisman pose only really translates to football. A soccer player or baseball player performing the Heisman just wouldn’t make any sense.

Enter the Captain’s pose.

For the last several years, athletes making the Captain pose has been a trademark of big plays. The latest Captain’s pose is even more special because it involves The Cup. Not just a cup of rum, but Lord Stanley’s. After winning Game 6, Marc-Andre Fleury wasted no time in striking the pose with a foot actually on the Cup.

“This was an awesome team to be with this season. It was special to win back to back. We shared a tremendous work ethic and commitment to each other. Now, we get to enjoy the moment, raise the Cup and have some real fun.”

Yeah, next time I win the Stanley Cup, I’ll probably make the Captain’s pose too. Or just write a really good post. That’s probably just as big of an achievement.