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The Alabama Fan Who “Sexually Taunted” An Unconscious LSU Fan Is Going To Jail

  • Dan Fogarty

On January 9th, 2012, the night Alabama beat LSU in the national championship game, a man named Brian H. Downing went up to a passed out LSU fan in New Orleans’ French Quarter, unzipped his pants, and placed his genitals on his face. Video of the incident — yes someone was taking video — soon went viral, and the “Alabama Tea Bagger” became a thing.

Welp, Downing’s decision to teabag a helpless stranger is probably going to cost him two years of his freedom. According to WWL-TV, Downing has pled guilty to two counts of obscenity for sexually taunting the Tigers fan, and prosecutors are asking for a two-year prison sentence. That sentence could be reduced if Downing completes a prison boot camp, and sentencing is set for November 29th.

An edited version of the infamous video can be seen below. Needless to say, this is every drunk fan’s nightmare: losing a championship game, then getting preyed upon by a group of the winning team’s fans. But usually, that nightmare centers around getting pointed at and laughed at… not having someone put their balls on your face.

In any event: two years in jail? Would that sentence be too harsh? Too light? Sound off in the comments.