Chris Cooley And His Wife Are Getting A Divorce

  • Dan Fogarty

Some sad news out of DC: Chris Cooley, the lovably rambunctious tight end who was cut by the Redskins at the end of training camp, is divorcing his wife of four years, Christy Oglevee.

Cooley, who became a Redskins fan favorite for his hard-nosed style of play and his friendly treatment of the fanbase, and an internet fan favorite for accidentally blogging a photo of his junk and showing up to practice in teeny tiny shorts, met Oglevee when she was a Redskins cheerleader in 2005. (For photos of the two in happier times, head over to Busted Coverage.)

Soon, a passionate athlete-cheerleader romance was born. Oglevee was summarily fired for fraternizing with a player, but it worked out okay for her. As the Washington Post notes:

She lost her $75-a-game job but gained a fiance, who signed a $30 million-deal with the Skins in 2007.

Alas, their love — a love which they blogged about regularly, and which was highlighted by her Maxim photo shoots and his “I can’t believe I’m with her” soundbites — was not to be.

The divorce, filed Aug. 29 in Loudoun County, has been in the works for months: The couple separated in January and, despite having no pre-nup, we’re told, have already hammered out a settlement deal.

Yes, divorce sucks, but one thing to take heart in: Cooley and Oglevee, who didn’t have a pre-nup agreement, have already come to terms on a settlement. This means no ugly details emerging in court; the closing acts of their relationship — a relationship which, in many respects, they overshared about — will remain private.