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Your Breathless Paulina Gretzky Instagram Update

  • Evan Sporer

I swear I can relate this to sports. You see, Justin Verlander is allegedly dating Kate Upton. So, by transitive property, Paulina Gretzky had to do something to upstage Kate Upton to again make her the belle of the ball. But none of this would have happened if Justin Verlander didn’t get involved. There, that’s sports related enough to post this photo, right? Wait… what? Where am I?

Oh, by the way, this photo was taken on the set of Grown Ups 2. I knew I forgot something.

P.S. Busted Coverage alerted us to the fact the Grown Ups 2 might have the most ridiculous cast in the history of history. To name a few of the cast members, Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Salma Hayek, Taylor Lautner, Steve Buscemi, Chris Rock, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, David Spade, and of course, Paulina Gretzky (among many others).


[Photo via Paulina Gretzky’s Twitter]