Today In Rejected Super Bowl Ads: This Entirely SFW PornHub Commercial

  • Glenn Davis

PornHub is… well, come on, you know exactly what PornHub is, and even if you’d never heard of it before (which, make no mistake, you have), you’d very easily be able to determine that it is a hub of porn. Needless to say, we can’t link to it to prove it, but just trust us on this one. Well, despite doing robust traffic (SFW; it’s just a traffic-measuring site), the site decided it wanted to get its name out there just a bit more, in just about the most high-profile way posible: a Super Bowl ad.

PornHub is no stranger to stunts to get its name out there – many are the pitch emails we’ve received from their people, on topics from offering Chad Johnson/Ochocinco $69,000 to change his name to Chad Seisnueve, to an Olympics-themed competition in which men from all over the world send PornHub pictures of their penises and the country with the most entries wins. But a Super Bowl ad would be on another level of exposure (pun not really intended but we still went with it anyway so we guess sorta intended) entirely. The problem: obviously they can’t showcase their product in front of the biggest national TV audience of the year? So what did they do? Well, they went in the opposite direction:

Sure, perhaps one is supposed to take away that these folks either greatly enjoyed or will soon be greatly enjoying themselves based on their smiles in the other’s direction, but we’ve seen more suggestive ads for… just about everything. Like fast food burgers, for example. Still, though, unfortunately for PornHub, the ad was rejected (that site is also SFW, but if you are at work, DO NOT CLICK THE ‘Go To PornHub’ BUTTON). America apparently still isn’t ready to see the name “PornHub” on the screen in giant letters.

Fortunately for PornHub, though, they’re getting a ton of attention anyway, and they’re getting it exactly how they wanted it because there is no way they ever expected their ad to be approved anyway. So… nice work, PornHub. One thing, though: I’d vote for your ad to be rejected solely on the grounds of your spelling “Superbowl” as one word.

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