There’s A Mascot Named Tim Tebull, And He Was At The Southern League All-Star Game Tonight

  • Rick Chandler

What’s that you say? No major sporting events scheduled today? Obviously you’re forgetting the Southern League All-Star Game, at the Baseball Grounds in Jacksonville, home of the Jacksonville Suns.

That’s Double-A baseball, and it’s fantastic — but only when the mascots get involved. Chief among those are the Zooperstars, which are a team of traveling, polyurethane-based inflatable characters with names such as Mackeral Jordan, Tiger Woodschuck, Harry Canary … and yes, Tim Tebull. See below.

An earlier appearance. This looks really annoying.

And of course here’s Tim Tebull, Tebowing.

Why the real Tebow has not sued Tim Tebull back to the Stone Age is a real mystery.

I would pay $50 to see Tim Tebull in any random church, sitting in a pew signing a hymn.