SportsGrid Launches Oddle!

I’ve always enjoyed Wordle, but I have the vocabulary of a kindergartener who eats paste all day. Luckily, SportsGrid has just launched Oddle, an odds-based Wordle-type game for those of us who prefer to use our brains to make money instead of regaling (looked it up) an audience with words we found in a Thesaurus.

It’s a pretty simple game to play. Once you click on the link, you’ll be met with a “How to Play” prompt. You’ll be given a wager and then you have six tries to guess the odds for that bet. After each guess, you’ll see one of three colors. The boxes will stay black if your guess doesn’t appear in the answer, they’ll turn yellow if your guess is in the puzzle but not in that exact spot, or they’ll turn green if your guess is correct.

After you complete the puzzle, you’ll unlock exclusive SportsGrid content related to the wager.

Each day there will be a new Oddle, and you can keep up with its release by following SportsGrid on Twitter.