Cambridge University Group Under Fire For Replacing Bikini Jelly Wrestling With Giant Rodeo Penis

  • Rick Chandler

And that’s your headline of the day so far.

You may recall when we covered this story last month: female jelly wrestling, a tradition on the Cambridge University (England) campus, was banned by the administration after some female students complained that it was sexist, and got 1,000 petition signatures. So the organizers of the event, the Wyverns drinking society, came up with a replacement activity. Here you go:

Poor Wyverns drinking society. It seems no matter what they do, they’re in hot water. Now female students are complaining about the new bucking penis. It’s a ride — as you can see, in a bouncy wading pool thing — and is open to both male and female participants. But some are not amused.

The university’s women’s officer Suzy Langsdale said, “When the Wyverns agreed to cancel the jelly wrestling, I (perhaps naively) believed that they had understood how it contributed to sexist and objectifying attitudes to women.”

“However, their decision to replace it with the rodeo penis revealed that they were not this discerning and that the complaints made in the petition that the jelly wrestling was an outlet for their misogyny were correct. I urge the Wyverns to reconsider their ethos as it is currently an outdated masculinity that is directly detrimental to the freedom and wellbeing of women.”

If you don’t mind I’m just going to sit back and admire that last paragraph for a couple of hours.

Then, this paragraph happened:

A paddling pool of jelly at the event read: “Please refrain from wrestling in our jelly.” A rumoured ‘custard tussle’ event to replace jelly wrestling did not emerge.

We’ll just close by saying: your move, Rio Olympic Games.